Learn How to Play Poker – Tricks and Tips

Do you love playing casino games? If you are interested to know more about casino and poker games, then this is the best opportunity for you. Here we plan to educate you on how to play poker.The play which is one of the most entertaining games has a set of rules – if you know the rules you can play it easily. In the casino games especially in Texas Holdem Poker Rules the 4th bet is usually the largest. There is one player who acts as the dealer and hence the button rotates in a clockwise position in each hand. There are two players to both sides of the dealer and they are known to be left and right hand. All these three players form the core team of poker and the game proceeds as per their play.The money needs to be pooled in advance. In fact this is one of the most prominent characteristics of the poker game; where each player needs to pay the cash in advance. The game does not begin until each and every player pays! Once the payment is made and the dealer chosen the game can then begin. Limit for first 2 betting rounds is known as small bet and limit for 3rd and 4th betting rounds is known as big bet which is normally double the amount of a small bet. Small blind is equal to small bet’s half and big blind is generally equal to the entire small betThe hand starts with pre flop betting round followed by second, third and fourth betting round and if necessary the showdown. All the betting rounds start with player to the left of the dealer and continue clockwise. In the casino games especially in Texas Holdem Poker Rules, it is quite usual to make use of fixed limits and 2 blinds. This is true especially in the tournament play. This game plays quite well at no limit level and much of the tournaments are played with this betting structure. When more than 1 player has best hand, then in that case the pot is divided equally amongst the remaining players. Kickers are needed for breaking the ties. The best five card hand is known as nuts with 3 queens being the lowest nuts.Any player can wager all chips which he has on table in the no limit level at any point of time. This is called all in wager. If any other player still desires to call an all in bet but has lesser amount of chips on table to cope up with the bet, he can call for chips that are before him. The master bettor has to take back his bet until and unless there comes another player in hand to call for the bet. A side pot is made between those 2 players for excess amount of that matched by caller with lesser chips.Over all the game of poker is a very interesting and engaging game. If you know the rules you can play with ease. So, did you find the poker game interesting? However, first you should learn how to play poker and then practice the play in free online poker rooms before betting the money.